Explore a wide range of specialized services designed to elevate your business. From strategic consulting, supplychain, to cutting-edge technology solutions, we offer tailored approaches to meet your unique needs and drive success.


With over two decades of expertise in the internet sector, we craft tailored IT solutions to meet your specific needs. Our strategic planning and custom tools enhance work and logistics efficiency, setting you up for success.

Process Automation 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction to drive success across your business operations.


From web development to seamless payment integration, we provide comprehensive consulting and customized solutions for websites, apps, and logistics, streamlining your business processes with efficiency.


Our coding solutions are crafted with precision and innovation. We leverage advanced technology to deliver efficient, scalable, and secure code, driving your digital transformation forward.


Empower yourself or your team with our comprehensive training programs. From technical workshops to hands-on sessions, we equip you with the latest skills and knowledge to effectively leverage our solutions.


Spanning various domains crucial for modern businesses, our capabilities include:

ICT Leadership

Crafting visionary ICT strategies, ensuring robust governance, overseeing operations, security, and system evolution to align with business processes.

Application Engineering

Monitoring the ICT application landscape and managing the enterprise architecture to foster technological advancement.

Business Engineering

Designing ICT processes, determining organizational structures, and providing strategic ICT guidance to executive teams.

Business Management

Developing and executing ICT strategies, defining sourcing approaches, financial planning, resource allocation, and fostering team growth.

Project Management

Defining and managing ICT project portfolios while spearheading change management initiatives.

Quality Management

Vigilantly monitoring the quality of ICT processes to ensure optimal performance.

Security/Risk Management

Conducting comprehensive ICT risk assessments and maintaining a vigilant stance on ICT security protocols.

Service Management

Overseeing ICT processes and procuring and monitoring ICT services to deliver exceptional value.

Our holistic approach ensures that we're driving innovation and efficiency across your ICT and your organization.

About us

NetElite is a trusted partner in the Internet / IT sector, for local businesses and multinational companies across Switzerland, Germany, and beyond.

With our extensive experience, we are poised to find the optimal IT solutions tailored to your specific needs. From crafting strategic IT plans to developing custom tools, we enhance the efficiency of your work processes and logistics, driving your business success globally.

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